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"Leave it to a cold nose to warm up a heart"©

Colorado Pet Partners dba Animals for Therapy is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity
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Therapy animals are born with a very special gift: the gift of interacting with humans in a deep, yet subtle manner. Whether they meet in an elevator, in a hallway, or in a room, humans and therapy animals always connect the same way: eyes meet, smells travel, touching occurs, healing begins. Sometimes the visit does not even include any physical contact; the presence of a four-legged therapist in a fur coat is often enough to bring a smile. During these impromptu meetings, humans and animals communicate through what we believe is "the sixth sense”.

Working with a therapy animal is a privilege, as if a secret door was opening to a very private world where animals show how they really bond with us, where we can finally hear them talk.

We hope that Animals For Therapy will help you experience the human-animal connection in a meaningful way, that it will allow you to live unforgettable moments with your four-legged partner, and that the bond between the two of you will only grow stronger.

"We are dedicated to a network of people who are driven by a generosity of spirit, a community that includes active and future therapy animal teams, as well as individuals and organizations supportive of their efforts. Our primary role is to increase access to animal-assisted therapy through education, training, and community outreach activities such as team evaluations, special events, and other programs. We believe in inclusiveness, openness, and cooperation."
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